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Welcome to the Members Only pages of your website. Only paid members of the Cessna 150-152 Club are allowed to view these pages, post ads in the Classifieds, and read and post on the Forum. 

In these pages you will find all sorts of useful information to keep your Cessna 150 or 152 in tip top condition, and the Forum is an excellent resource to keep up to date on maintenance issues, pilot issues, social events, and the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In. 

One of the goals for the Foundation when purchasing the Club was to restore the many databases of information formerly available on the Club website.

The good news is none of that data appears to be lost. The problem is it all resides on servers using 1990s-based software and technology. This was appropriate at the time the Club first went on-line, however, the intervening years have seen vast changes in standards, security... and threats. As a result, the Club servers found themselves hacked. There were pulled off-line to minimize any damage. A clean-up was done, the servers put back on-line, but they were hacked again, and again pulled off-line. While this protected the data from any loss, it also made it unavailable to the Club members.

What we are doing now is building a modern and secure database structure. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as buying an off-the-shelf product and clicking a button. But it is a well-worn problem with lots of solutions, so we anticipate within a few months we'll begin to restore the databases to the Club homepage. You will see several "Under Construction" signs throughout this section of the website. They will be removed as we retrieve the information from the old website and format it for this new website.

 So, thank you for your patience - great things are coming!

If you're a member of the Club and find yourself locked out of our Website or the Forum, send me a note explaining the circumstances.

I'll do what I can to get you back in.


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