by Brian Oetting

Bryan's "Cessna 150 Heavy" in the Skies over Clinton, IowaLiving about 250 miles from Clinton doesn't leave a lot of room for "adventures" for the flight in. The two hour trip went pretty uneventful, Kevin fell asleep in no time and Leah got out her paper and began to doodle pictures that look like chicken scratches. We did spend a few minutes trying to find "aircraft wreckage" that the sectional said was below us...we never did find it. Just after landing at Clinton I contacted the nearly world famous "air boss" and heard a reply..."is that you Bryan?". Holy Cow! I thought...I couldn't believe he knew it was me!

Our Low Wing Consigns us to the back 40.

After getting parked in the "back 40" (hint-hint....please Steve...let me park closer to civilization next year!) I was met by Kirk and then Greg Hopp (who happened to land right behind me).

 The kids and I hurried to set up our tent and the rest of the camping gear so we could get busy shootin the bull and on to the luau!

Kevin, Bryan, Clyde and LeahOver the course of the weekend we had so much fun, it was great seeing the folks I met last year and those that I was meeting for the first time. I must say Wayne Westerman's stories get funnier every year, I still laugh thinking of the "when I shaved off my beard" story told at the banquet...that one about had me in tears that night!

I wish I could add something for the return trip, but what Greg Hopp described it to a "T"...outstanding story Greg!

See y'all in 2005!

Bryan Oetting  (and kids)

Piper Warrior


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