Airplane of the Month • February  2006

1970 A150 N8360M Photographed over New Castle, PA

1970 A150 N8360M

Bill Burdis'  150 Horse Power Aerobat
Year: 1970 Model: A150K Serial#: A1500060
60 of 226, 1970 A150K's manufactured
60 of 734, 150 Aerobat's manufactured in the USA

I bought this airplane from an Owner in New York. The previous owner did not care much about cleaning the airplane, so the original paint and interior was pretty tired looking, but he had installed an Avcon 150hp STC upgrade in 1971 and the airplane had no damage history.

In any case, this bird needed TLC - that is Tender Loving Care in one format but I prefer the phrase - Truck Load of Cash! I spent 12 months making it mechanically and cosmetically new and with only 2,800 hrs TT, she flies better than originally new. My first aerobatics were in a new 1971 Aerobat in college, and having recently owned a Sukhoi 29, then a Christen Eagle II, I felt a return to basics was more fun, and economically practical,  nothing can do that better than a 150-152 Aerobat.

1970 A150 N8360M Panel

The 150hp upgrade makes it perform admirably with cruise at 125 mph and 10 gal/hr. and little effort to obtain speeds for all acrobatic maneuvers. The paint scheme was my idea and is a combination of the original C150 checkerboard and the later C152 Aerobat paint style, put together by Craig Barnett at Scheme Designers. The pros at Dial Eastern States Painting in Cadez, Ohio put the design to life on the airframe and it shows well. The interior was all redone with new glass and all firewall forward items replaced as well as having a factory Lycoming 0 time rebuilt installed. The best part is sharing the ride with any wannabe aviator as the side by side seating outweighs the uncomforting factor many people experience in tandem seating aerobatic aircraft. The Aerobat  is about  fun and the bottom line is - "How much fun do you want to have and how much do you want to spend," and you don't have to spend much to keep the fun meter pegged in this bird!!  

Bill Burdis  

Club Notes: Bill's Airplane was upgraded with a 150 Horsepower Lycoming engine using  Bush Conversions STC# SA572CE. This is the only 150 HP conversion that maintains full Aerobatic certification, and only when installed on a 1970 A150K. (A  few 1971 Aerobats have been individually approved for aerobatics with this STC) This makes Bill Burdis' Aerobat an airplane with rare performance and capability.

[Posted February 1, 2006]

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