2006 Fly-In Interesting Facts

  • Total Attendees: 158 (51 first timers)
  • Total Airplanes: 98
  • Longest Distance Flown: Bill Fyfe, Grants Pass, OR 1,703 miles.
  • Average Distance Flown to Clinton: 621 miles
  • Total Round Trip Miles Traveled: 138,068
  • Total Round Trip Miles Traveled: 138,068

Cessna 150-152 Pilot newsletter for July 2006

What I did on my Summer Vacation, stories from Clinton 2006

Harry Wiebe

Greg Hopp

Kirk Wennerstrom

Top Gun:
The Top Gun award goes to the contest pilot at Clinton who achieves the best combined score for all three flying contests. Pilots who did not achieve a score in more than one contest were not eligible for Top Gun, regardless of their achievements in any individual contest. Because of weather and limited participation in 2006, the Scavenger Hunt did not play a role in awarding Top Gun this year. (None of the Scavenger Hunt participants were otherwise eligible for Top Gun, and none of the Top Gun contenders participated in the Scavenger Hunt.)

Placement listed below was tabulated as follows.

Nerf points: Missed drops were given a score of 100', and the combined scores from all three drops were subtracted from 300 then divided by 30, and rounded to the second decimal place. Note that success in Nerf drops can also be greatly attributed to each pilot's PDS (Package Delivery Specialist.)

Landing points: Total score of three attempts, divided by 4 (judges), then divided by 3 (landings), and rounded to the second decimal place.

Place Pilot/PDS Nerf Points Landing Points Total Points
1st Wayne Reynolds/Felipe Marrou 6.17 7.83 14.00
2nd Bruce Lessig/ Dave Lambert 7.72 4.5 12.32
3rd Don Wither/ George Porayko 3.03 6.08 9.11
4th Felipe Marrou/Wayne Reynolds 5.62 3.33 8.95
5th Alan Core/Denise Core 3.69 4.5 8.19
6th Joel Kiester/Dave Monskey 2.9 5.17 8.07
7th Matthew Gray/Bill Fyfe 5.3 2.67 7.97
8th Dale Moorehead/Cyndi Shaffer 5.5 2.33 7.83
9th Kyle Sundberg/Kirk Wennerstrom 4.6 2.92 7.52
10th Jeff Hersom/Ed Pataky 2.9 3.92 6.82
11th Kenn Ortmann/Martha Ortmann 1.6 4.92 6.52
12th Wally Pond/Dave Hastings 4.56 1.83 6.39
13th Hung Pham/John Hopper 3.03 3.08 6.11
14th Bob Waymire/ ? 3.07 3.0 6.07
15th Terry Dickinson/Matthew Gray 2.97 2.42 5.39
16th Ralph Johnson/ Bobbie Johnson 1.22 2.33 3.55

Style & Grace Spot Landing:
29 Pilots each made three attempts to touch down  in a 75 long zone known as "Green Acres",  located near the middle of runway 3/21. Green Acres was marked with green painted lines front and back and one green centerline. In order to receive a landing score, any part of the airplane must make the first point of contact with the runway inside Green Acres. Having achieved that somewhat difficult task, landings were then scored on a scale of 1 to 10, by four judges, based on style and grace, like an Olympic  Ice Skating contest. Note that any score on this contests is an worthy achievement, more than half the contestants (55%) missed all three landings on some attempts. (If the above math doesn't seem to add up, consider that some pilots flew in the contests multiple times.)

Rankings are by best average score, as follows: Total score of three attempts, divided by 4 (judges), then divided by 3 (landings), rounded to the second decimal place. Pilots that scored zero on all three attempts are omitted.

Place Pilot Landing 1 Landing 2 Landing 3 Average Score
 1st Gary Shreve 8.25 8.5 8.75 8.50
2nd Rex Krauklis 8.5 8.25 7.5 8.08
3rd Geoff LaGioia 7.75 7 9 7.92
4th Wayne Reynolds 6.25 8 9.25 7.83
5th Dan Titus 7.5 7 7.7 7.40
6th Don Wither 10 0 8.25 6.08
7th Joel Kiester 9.5 0 6 5.17
7th Dave Monskey 0 8.5 7 5.17
8th Kenn Ortmann 0 6.25 8.5 4.92
9th Alan Core 0 9 4.5 4.50
9th Bruce Lessig 9.5 0 4 4.50
10th Jeff Hersom 6.25 0 5.5 3.92
11th Felipe Marrou 0 10 0 3.33
12th Hung Pham 9.25 0 0 3.08
13th Bob Waymire 9 0 0 3.00
14th Kyle Sundberg 0 0 8.75 2.92
15th Jim Barger 0 8.25 0 2.75
15th Jessica Braddock 0 8.25 0 2.75
16th Matthew Gray 0 8 0 2.67
17th Michael Moore 6.75 0 .87 2.54
18th Terry Dickinson 0 725 0 2.42
19th Dale Moorehead 0 0 7 2.33
20th Ralph Johnson 7 0 0 2.33
21st Carl Chitwood 6.7 0 0 2.23
22nd Wally Pond 5.5 0 0 1.83
23rd Bob McKenzie 0 0 4.75 1.58

Nerf Drop:
29 Teams made a total of three passes each over the target, at no lower than 200 AGL, with the goal of dropping a finned nerf football into a 30 gallon trash can. Drops made lower than 200 AGL received a score of zero for that attempt, and any nerf that landed greater than 100 feet from the target also received a score of zero. The winner of this contest was the team with the single closest attempt. Results listed in order from best to worst. Teams that scored zero on all three attempts are omitted.

Place Pilot Package Delivery Specialist Distance from Target
 1st Felipe Marrou Wayne Reynolds 3' 4"
2nd Bruce Lessig Dave Lambert 5' 3"
3rd Bob Waymire unknown 8'
4th Hung Pham John Hopper 9'
4th Don Wither George Porayko 9'
5th Terry Dickinson Matthew Gray 11'
6th Joel Kiester Dave Monskey 13'
6th Bruce Lessig Dave Lambert 13'
6th Jeff Hersom Ed Pataky 13'
7th Wayne Reynolds Felipe Marrou 15'
8th Ray Anderson Carl Chitwood 16'
8th Matthew Gray Bill Fyfe 16'
9th Dale Moorehead Cyndi Shaffer 16' 7"
10th Dale Moorehead Cyndi Shaffer 18' 4"
11th Kyle Sundberg Kirk Wennerstrom 23'
12th Wally Pond Dave Hastings 24' 5"
13th Matthew Gray Bill Fyfe 25'
14th Felipe Marrou Wayne Reynolds 28' 1"
15th Wally Pond Dave Hastings 38' 6"
16th Kyle Sundberg Kirk Wennerstrom 39'
17th Alan Core Denise Core 43' 7"
18th Alan Core Denise Core 45' 6"
19th Wayne Reynolds Felipe Marrou 48'
20th Bruce Lessig Dave Lambert 50' 1"
21st Wayne Reynolds Felipe Marrou 52'
21st Kenn Ortmann Martha Ortmann 52'
22nd Ralph Johnson Bobbie Johnson 63' 3"

Best Combined performances: To qualify, a team must score on more than one attempt. To tabulate the best combined scores for all three drops, the following method was used: Missed drops were given a score of 100', and the combined scores from all three drops were subtracted from 300. By this method, the lower the distance, the higher the score, and 3 misses would result in a score of zero.

Place Team Package Delivery Specialist Combined Score
 1st Bruce Lessig Dave Lambert 231.6
2nd Wayne Reynolds Felipe Marrou 185
 3rd Felipe Marrou Wayne Reynolds 168.5
 4th Dale Moorehead Cyndi Shaffer 164.9
5th Matthew Gray Bill Fyfe 159
6th Kyle Sundberg Kirk Wennerstrom 138
 7th Wally Pond Dave Hastings 136.9
8th Alan Core Denise Core 110.7

Scavenger Hunt:
Teams were sent on an (approximate) 90 minute flight, with a list of clues, and items to identify on the ground. Unfortunately, this year's scavenger hunt turned out to be quite daunting, due to both inclement weather and a longer list of objectives than in previous years. As a result, only 5 teams undertook the challenge, and only three completed the entire hunt. With this in mind we intend to make this contest shorter and less ambitious in the future in order to increase participation.

Scores and details of the 2006 scavenger hunt are currently being organized & tabulated and will be posted when available.

2006 Clinton Fly

Clinton International Fly-In 2006 • Attendees

2006 Fly-In ]
Name Hometown

Aircraft Reg#

GPS Distance  

Ray Anderson Auburn, CA N74U 1,622
Russ Anderson Simi Valley, CA N316ZC 1,632
Charles Baranski & Charles Jr. (3rd yr) New Windsor, NY N4832X  838
Jim & Lorri Barger Franklin, IN N4055J 273
Chip Berniard Saint Paul, MN N21522 258
Tim & Julaine Botting Manawa, WI drive-in 193
Jessica Braddock (6th yr) Angola, IN N3577J 271
Michael Bratton (6th yr) Angola, IN N3577J 271
Mark & Ryan Buchner Clinton, MD N10568 735
Michael Cahill (3rd yr) Baldwinsville, NY N6684G 715
Bob Chadeayne Chase City, VA N68608 719
Carl Chitwood Green Cove Springs, FL N316ZC 946
Dick Christ (3rd yr) Cotter, AR N50996 403
Alan & Denise Core (3rd yr) Indianola, IA N6029T 176
John Cramer Tucson, AZ drive-in 1,317
Robbie, Brenda & Joshua Culver (2nd yr) Waukegan, IL N55955 127
Mike, Cindy & Keith Daniels
& Audrey Williams (2nd yr)
Elmwood, IL N9189B 75
Bill  DeHaven & Bill Jr. Libertytown, MD N8332J 827
Terry Dickinson Big Lake, AK airline 2,774
Bill Dobson Lothian, MD N67639 748
Gordon Ellis (6th yr) Cheyenne, WY N271D 756
Jerome Ficken Cedar Hill, Mo N3028X 242
Ed Figuli (4th yr) Schnecksville, PA N5353Q 764
Alan Fish (2nd yr) Gilbert, AZ N22009 1,314
John & Melissa Fishbeck Williamston, MI N19305 311
Bill Fyfe Grants Pass, OR N999ED 1,703
Dennis & Leonard Geivett (2nd yr) Chesterfield, MO N4968P 221
Matthew Gray Sydney, Australia airline 9,106
Arlin Greger Ipswich, SD N6212Y 506
Charles Hanna (5th yr) Luthersville, GA drive-in 667
David Hastings (2nd yr) Henry, IL N10885 68
Jeff Hersom (2nd yr) Tampa, FL N3740J 1,052
Bill & Monique Hilash Winnipeg, Manitoba C-GQZB 648
Zack Hilbert Schnecksville, PA drive-in 764
Greg Hopp (3rd yr) Columbus, OH N4691X 400
John Hopper Hughson, CA N22628 1,649
George & Lora Horak (2nd yr) Olin, IA drive-in 48
Dennis Jackovich  (4th yr) Bettendorf , IA N8038F 23
Ralph & Bobbie Johnson (4th yr) Roanoke Rapids, NC N17257 770
Joel & Fury Kiester (6th yr) Boulder, CO N7766E 795
Andrew Ramsey & Zack Kolley Fargo, ND N5329B 476
Tom Kozel (2nd yr) Pottstown, PA N3771J 769
Rex Krauklis (6th yr) Louisville, KY N11381 345
Geoff & Lauren LaGioia (5th yr) Morton Grove, IL N761AE 127
David Lambert Conway, AR drive-in 481
Dale & Joni Larsen (2nd yr) Roosevelt, UT N6695S 1,036
David Larsen (2nd yr) Alcester, SD N4125U 337
Loren Larson & Dale Davis (2nd yr) Omro, WI N5249Q 169
Robert & William Lee Medford, WI N4741Q 228
Bruce Lessig (3rd yr) Casper, WY N5315Q 826
Jon Lindgren (4th yr) Fargo, ND N50728 476
Robert Linenweber Creve Coeur, MO drive-in 220
David & Sylvia Linton (4th yr) Elkhorn, WI N8318J 104
Dale Lipe Naperville, IL N5437M 107
Carl Little (4th yr) Laramie, WY N7883Z 795
John & Tom Ludemann Enfield, CT N66768 908
Ed Maffei (2nd yr) New Ringgold, Pa NC9451K 745
Brandt Majors St. Charles, MO N10891 211
Felipe Marrou (2nd yr) Miami Beach, FL N2916S 1246
Bob Martilla (2nd yr) Vancouver, WA N1449Q 1,632
John McIntyre (2nd yr) Elmwood, IL drive-in 75
Bob McKenzie & Elaine Croft Chicago, IL N6141Q 131
Lucky & Shirley McLuckie (5th yr) Coal City, IL N8131L 108
Dan Meler (2nd yr) Phoenix, OR N150DM 1,666
David Monskey (2nd yr) Minnetonka, MN N6580G 268
Charles Moore (3rd yr) Jackson, MI N60032 301
Michael Moore (3rd yr) Brooklyn, MI N60032 309
Dale Moorehead  (4th yr) & Cyndi Shaffer Sanger, TX N63082 698
Julie  Moorehead, Amanda Jensen,
Katheryn Tefer
All Over, USA drive-in  
Stephen Myers (2nd yr) Christiansburg, VA N50824 617
Patrick Norris Stillwater, MN N61075 257
Bryan & Jennifer Oetting (4th yr) Decatur, IN N120BJ 285
Pete Orlebeke (3rd yr) Bull Shoals, AR N51287 398
Kenn & Martha Ortmann (3rd yr) Rochester, NH N66695 985
Thomas Overmyer Niles, MI N6259Q 206
Royson & Erin Parsons a
& Lori Colunga (6th yr)
Atascadero, CA N5928J 1,695
Ed Pataky (2nd yr) Houston, TX N714RV 881
Hung Pham (5th yr) Topeka, KS N4938H 347
Benjie Phillips Columbus, GA drive-in 708
Patrick Piper Friendswood, TX N4465U 894
Charles  Pollard & Charles Jr. (5th yr) Tomah, WI N63526 149
Wally Pond (2nd yr) Algonquin, IL N19306 102
John Power Dublin, Ireland airline 3,768
Dennis & Phyllis Raddant (6th yr) Broken Arrow, OK drive-in 500
Kent Raymond (3rd yr) Cottage Grove, MN drive-in 246
Brian & Marie Reed (2nd yr) Kilgore, TX N38WT 700
Wayne Reynolds Eustis, FL N3372V 1,016
Emil Rollin Freienwil, Switzerland airline &
Steve Salvo (2nd yr) Ames, IA N49541 175
John Schmitz Lubbock, TX N6085T 854
Dennis Shell (2nd yr) Webster, MN N63249 243
Gary Shreve (3rd yr) Mansfield, TX N4061U 743
Dan & Gayle Stecklein Hays, KS N2922J 521
Ron Stewart East Douglas, MA N5282B 952
David & Tonya Stiff  (5th yr) Mt. Vernon, IL N24856 253
Kyle Sundberg Pine Plains, NY N6709S 853
Lee Swanson Lakefield, MN N18578 281
Tom & Debbie Taylor Berrien Springs, MI drive 201
Roger Thomas (4th yr) Olathe, KS N22900 316
Dan Titus (2nd yr) Batavia, OH N24296 372
Thomas Tjon Twin Valley, MN N9178U 477
John Turnage Raleigh, NC drive-in 749
Wil Venske (6th yr) Stoughton, WI N501PA 91
Steve & Sharon VonDracek Mulvane, KS N6576T 480
Avery Wagg & Don Wallace Odessa, Ontario C-GPOO 704
Bill Warner Medford, OR N24981 1,667
Bob Waymire (2nd yr) Alexander, AR N4060J 512
Kirk Wennerstrom (5th yr) Norwalk, CT N4425U 873
Wayne Westerman (5th yr) Midland, TX N150WW 941
Harry Wiebe (3rd yr) Winnipeg, Manitoba C-GPSU 648
Dan Winnie (2nd yr) Mary Esther, FL N3813J 813
Don Wither & George Porayko East St. Paul, Manitoba CF-WXX 648
Tim Witt (3rd yr) San Antonio, TX N63244 971
Vester & Kelley Wroten West Memphis, AR N3266V 462
Ken Yates (4th yr) Meridian, MS N9YX 658
John Yockey (2nd yr) Altoona, WI N714FW 213

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