2009 Fly-In 


Contests Weather was perfect for contest flying this year, 49 pilot/copilot teams flew the landing and nerf contests and 20 teams flew the scavenger hunt. As always the landing contest was the most hotly contested, and the greatest test of piloting skill. Of the 49 pilots competing, only 7 missed all three landings. Interestingly, the point spreads for all contests were surprisingly tight, indicating that the average level of pilot skill was very high. Notice how close the top three contestants are in the landing and nerf drop contests, and that there were only 12 percentage points between 1st place and 10th in the scavenger hunt. The outcome of the nerf contests is generally regarded as sheer “luck” but the numbers tell a different story. The top 5 teams got all three drops within a reasonable difference of the target, and only 2 inches separate the 3rd and 4th place finishers. Sheer Luck? Consider that Rob Couchman won the nerf drop in 2008, and his combination score in all three contests resulted in his 2009 Top Gun win. Combine a 50th anniversary celebration, four days of near perfect weather and 125+ pilots and what do you get? Not surprising, a rip roaring good time! 

Top Gun: Rob Couchman

Landing Contest: Kirk Wennerstrom

Nerf Drop: Bill Richter/ Leigh Cunneen

Scavenger Hunt: Joel Keister / Annie Lerch

Name Callsign  Copilot  City  Fly / Drive  Depart Depart Offer Caravan
Tom Harvey Wingnut  Karen "The Bartender" Harvey  Henderson, NV Fly-In BVU 7/26/2009  no  yes
Matthew Gray Two Dogs  Leigh Cunneen  Glenmore Park, New South Wales Fly-In ASSY 7/15/2009  no  yes
Avery Wagg POOH  Joshua Smith  Odessa, ONT Fly-In CYGK 7/24/2009  no  no
Edward Figuli Woodstock  Annie Lerch  Schnecksville, PA Fly-In 69N 7/19/2009  no  yes
Ken Yates Papa Smurf  Rhonda Yates "Kayak"  Ocean Springs, MS Fly-In 5R2 7/26/2009  no  yes
Ronald Stewart Rain Man    East Douglas, MA Fly-In SFZ 7/27/2009 not selected  yes
Dale Moorehead Mighty Mouse    Sanger, TX Fly-In gle 7/25/2009  no  yes
John Ruffo   Bill McCann  Hampstead, NH Fly-In lwm 7/25/2008  no  no
Wilbur Venske     Stoughton, WI Fly-In 2WI6 not selected  no  no
David Rowland     Erie, CO Fly-In 7co0 7/26/2009 not selected  yes
Gary Shreve Piloto Loco  Nikki  Mansfield, TX Fly-In GKY 7/24/2009  no  no
David Monskey Viking    Minnetonka, MN Fly-In FCM 7/23/2009  no  yes
Hung Pham Hostile  David Zlotky  Topeka, KS Fly-In TOP 7/31/2009  no  no
Robbie Culver Putt Putt  Brenda Culver "BMax" Joshua Culver "The Bean"  Waukegan, IL Fly-In UGN not selected  no  no
John Cramer Kosmo    Tucson, AZ Fly-In AVQ 7/19/2009  no  yes
Ed Pataky POOBS    Houston, TX Fly-In ts07 not selected  no  yes
Jeff Hersom Gremlin  Kayla Colunga  Anchorage, AK Drive-In N/A 7/6/2009  yes N/A
Mark Buchner Renegade    Clinton, MD Fly-In W32 not selected  no  yes
Michael Bratton   Barb  Angola, IN Fly-In ANQ 7/29/2009  no  no
Larry James     Miami, FL Drive-In N/A 7/25/2009  no N/A
Cliff Golby     Virginia Beach, VA Fly-In not selected not selected  no  yes
Jim Barger crosswind  Lorri Barger  Franklin, IN Fly-In 3fk not selected  no  yes
Michael Moore Speedy  Charles Moore - Call Sign "Gramps"  Brooklyn, MI Fly-In jxn 7/30/2009  no  yes
Catherine Cavagnaro Aerobatic Chick    Sewanee, TN Fly-In UOS not selected not selected  no
Dale Larsen Blizzard Man  Joni  Roosevelt, UT Fly-In 74V 7/28/2009  no  no
Nathan Meese     Erie, CO Fly-In EIK 7/23/2009  no  no
Don McAlister Jr.   Deanna McAlister  Munith, MI Fly-In TEW not selected  no  yes
John Vargo John Boy    Panama City Beach, FL Fly-In 54J 7/24/2009  no  no
Mike Laing     Indianapolis, IN Fly-In HFY 7/30/2009  no  yes
Robert Cressman Pennsylvania Duchess    Boyertown, PA Fly-In N47 7/30/2009  no  yes
Jessica Tidd Crash    Fremont, IN Fly-In ANQ 7/29/2009  no  yes
Wayne Westerman Warthog    Midland, TX Fly-In MDD 7/28/2009  no  no
Bill Johnston Jr. Hillbilly  Yvonne  Martinsburg, WV Fly-In MRB 7/30/2009  no  yes
Thomas Kozel Slow Flier  Linda  Pottstown, PA Fly-In PTW not selected  no  yes
Dan Newfang Fang    Wayland, NY Fly-In KDSV 8/23/2009  no  yes
Steve Miller Turtle  Stevie Miller  Titusville, FL Fly-In x21 7/25/2009  no  yes
Kirk Wennerstrom     Norwalk, CT Fly-In BDR not selected  no  yes
Lee Kramer     Fly-In not selected not selected  no  yes
Jon Lindgren     Fargo, ND Fly-In W54 7/28/2009  no  no
Robert Krone     Ft. Worth, TX Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Mark van Wyk   Dale-Suzanne (wife)  Gilroy, CA Drive-In N/A 7/29/2009  no N/A
Sandra Krier Sandy  Jessica Krier  Clearwater, FL Fly-In CLW 7/28/2009  no  yes
Dennis Raddant Radar  Phyllis  Broken Arrow, OK Fly-In 2K9 7/25/2009  no  yes
Joel Kiester Old Timer  Lexia Armitage  Boulder, CO Fly-In BDU 7/28/2009  no  no
Michael Morgan     Wichita, KS Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
David LaValle Oldefarte    Centerburg, OH Fly-In 4i3 7/29/2009 not selected  no
Wayne Reynolds The Legend  Tracey New  Eustis, FL Fly-In X55 7/25/2009  no  yes
Matthew Willett Willymopit    Manassas, VA Fly-In HWY not selected  no  yes
Dan Meler   Jo Ann Meler  Medford, OR Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Mike Marra Spectre    Carlisle, PA Fly-In N94 7/30/2009  no  yes
John McAuliffe     Livonia, MI Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Don Wither Slowbird  John Hall  Steinbach, Manitoba Fly-In KK7 7/30/2009  no  no
David Meissner     Brookfield, WI Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Andrew Pomeroy     North Berwick, ME Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Luanne Diddle Lady Lulu    Tampa, FL Drive-In N/A 7/30/2009  no N/A
Ronald Nelson   none  Bricelyn, MN Fly-In AEL 7/31/2009  no  no
Benjamin Phillips II     Columbus, GA Fly-In CSG not selected  no  yes
Ray Anderson Mustang    Auburn, CA Fly-In AUN 7/20/2009  no  yes
Bob Waymire     Alexander, AR Fly-In SUZ 7/21/2009  no  yes
John Hopper Kermit  none  Hughson, CA Fly-In O15 7/18/2009  no  yes
Dan Titus   Cheryl Titus  Batavia, OH Fly-In I69 not selected  no  no
Gregory Hopp     Columbus, OH Fly-In UYF 7/30/2009  yes  yes
Patrick Norris     Stillwater, MN Fly-In 21D not selected  no  no
David Hastings   Jill   Henry, IL Fly-In C75 7/29/2009  no  no
Rod Benstead     Burlington, WI not selected not selected not selected not selected not selected
C. David Stiff Stiffee  Tonya Stiff  Mt. Vernon, IL Fly-In MVN 7/29/2009  no  no
Jim Hillabrand   None  Rogers, AR Fly-In ROG 7/31/2009  no  no
Norval Gruver Birvak    Independence, KS Fly-In CFV 7/30/2009  no  no
Rex Krauklis Romeo Kilo    Louisville, KY Fly-In LOU 7/31/2009  yes  no
David Linton   Sylvia Linton  Elkhorn, WI Fly-In 88c 7/31/2009  no  no
Matt Wash Mudskipper    Austin, TX Fly-In HYI 7/24/2009  no  yes
John Lapham     Palm Beach Gardens, FL Fly-In F45 7/25/2009  no  yes
Tim Davie     Broken Arrow, OK Fly-In osh 7/30/2009  no  no
Ken Johnson Skyraider  Son  South Kent, CT Fly-In 11N 7/27/2009  yes  yes
William Richter     Sherwood, AR Fly-In 4M3 7/23/2009  no  yes
Roger Thomas YankeeRebel    Olathe, KS Fly-In K34 7/30/2009  no  no
Steve Salvo     Johnston, IA Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
John Ludemann Flyboy  none  Enfield, CT Fly-In 7B6 7/27/2009  no  yes
Jesse Haney   Diana Jongewaard  Bentonville, AR Fly-In GMJ 7/27/2009  no  yes
William Dobson     Lothian, MD Fly-In ANP 7/29/2009  no  yes
Virgil Riggs     Holts Summit, MO Fly-In not selected 8/1/2009 not selected  no
Tammy Koyn   Garry Koyn  Saint Louis, MO Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  yes
Alan Fish OldAviator    Gilbert, AZ Fly-In CHD 7/23/2009  no  no
Lawrence Holland Barrel Roll    Houston, TX Fly-In DWH 7/29/2009  no  yes
Danny Offill     Van Alstyne, TX Fly-In SWI 7/29/2009  no  yes
Jacob Cecil     Richmond, KY Fly-In I39 7/30/2009  yes  yes
Ron Sherwood     Kathleen, GA Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Baron Smith     Clemmons, NC Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Zachary Forsberg Weatherman    Amarillo, TX Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Mike Harrison     Bennett, IA Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Fred Schrom Tree climber    Carlisle, PA Fly-In N94 7/30/2009  no  yes
John Lach     Warren, OH Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Sonja Monskey   Gena Hutchens  Minnetonka, MN Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Tom Winter     Lincoln, NE Fly-In LNK not selected  no  no
Chris Cunningham     Nashville, TN Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Royson Parsons Kojak  Erin Parsons  Atascadero, CA Fly-In PRB 7/18/2009  no  yes
Eric Grigg     North Bay, ONT Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
Allen Womack 150Heavy  Jason Ford  Pasadena, TX Fly-In T41 7/29/2009  no  yes
Kevin English   Becky English  Deerfield, WI Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Dan Winnie WT Pooh  Mary Esther, FL Fly-In 43G 7/27/2009 not selected  no
Mitch Silverman Izzy  Kevin Norby  Cumberland, RI Fly-In SFZ 7/29/2009  no  no
Joe DeStefano   Jeff Slater  Holiday, FL Fly-In x05 8/1/2009  no  yes
Michael DeMita ONE SIX MIKE    Massapequa, NY Fly-In frg 7/22/2009  yes  yes
Jim Wall     Carbondale, IL Fly-In MDH 7/30/2009  no  no
Raymond Key     Riverside, CA Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
Alan Core     Indianola, IA Fly-In IA66 7/30/2009  no  no
Jim Campisi Swamprat    Peachtree City, GA Fly-In FFC 7/29/2009  no  yes
Tidd Robert Preacher Tidd  Scott  Angola, IN Fly-In KANQ not selected  no  yes
Neal Gorman     Elkhorn, WI Fly-In not selected not selected not selected  no
John Power     Dublin,  Drive-In N/A not selected not selected N/A
thomas ludwig   kotina ludwig  Michigan City, IN Fly-In ppo 8/1/2009  no  yes
Jay Hand     Cincinnati, OH Fly-In LUK 8/2/2009  no  no

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