2002 Fly-In Interesting Facts

  • Total Attendees: 95 (63 first timers)
  • Total Airplanes: 81
  • Longest Distance Flown to Clinton: Trudy Lary, Tualatin, OR 1,739 miles.
  • Average Distance Flown to Clinton: 517 miles
  • Total Round Trip Miles Traveled: 93,102
Cessna 150-152 Pilot Newsletter for July 2002

Contest Winners:
Top Gun: Gerry Nolan
Carrier Landing Short Stop: Kirk Wennerstrom (copilot Geoff LaGioia)
Carrier Landing Style and Grace: Bernard Savoie

There were three contest categories in 2002. Pilots attempted to land on a simulated carrier deck the "USS Catywampus" where they were judged both for style and grace, and also for being able to stop their airplane prior to running off the end of the deck. There were three orange "wires" painted on the runway, and pilots had to land on the deck and before at least one of the wires in order to receive a scored landing. Those landing short of or running off the end of the carrier were advised "You're Dead, Taxi to Parking."

Pilots also dropped toy paratroopers, crepe paper "message" streamers and empty plastic water bottles with cardboard fins. There were three targets next to the active runway, and the idea was to make all three drops on one run. Most pilots were confused by this, and some simply threw out all the packages at once. Most of the parachute men landed in the cornfield next to the runway, and few of the water bottles landed even close to the target. No trophies were presented for the target contests but they served as a tie breaker for the Top Gun category. As in other years, Top Gun was the pilot with the best combined score in all three contests. In this case, Gerry Nolan had a high score in both landing categories, and was fortunate enough to also place his bottle drop closer to the target than any of the other top contenders, thus becoming Top Gun 2002.

2002 Clinton Fly-In Attendees

Clinton International Fly-In 2002 • Attendees

2002 Fly-In ]
Name Hometown Aircraft Reg# GPS Distance
Wayne Albrecht (2nd yr) Richardson, TX N22160 707
Girar Asfazadour Jackson Heights, NY N5390Q 853
Dick Blawusch Waterloo, WI N3029S 112
William Boggs Racine, WI N66238 139
Jessica Braddock (2nd yr) Hudson, IN N3577J 267
Michael Bratton (2nd yr) Angola, IN N3577J 271
Paul Bridges (2nd yr) Denton, TX N5271Q 836
Daniel Brown Leyden, MA N3017S 903
Timothy Brown Hernando, MS N19334 484
Brian Burghgrave Geneseo, IA N8666S 118
Robert Burke Duluth, GA N8402M 634
Verlus Burkhart Fairmont, MN N11329 248
Walter Cordt Leavenworth, KS   302
Allen Cramer Greensburg, IN   304
Matthew & Judy Cummings (2nd yr) Moberly, MO N10667 203
Jim Dale (2nd yr) Austin, TX N5863E 899
Bob DeMunck Allen, TX N4735B 698
Dave Dewbray Medinah, IL N3080V 113
Tom Dillman Grinnell, IA   129
James Dittmer Troy, IL N10078 215
Don Eikenberry Spokane , WA   1,388
Gordon Ellis (2nd yr) Cheyenne, WY N271D 756
Ed Figuli New Tripoli, PA N5353Q 757
Ted Finney (2nd yr) Grosse Ile, MI N22489 365
JG Givens Nitro, WV N4219U 504
Brian Gochnauer Des Moines, IA N6235K 176
James Graves Norman, OK N24816 597
Joe Greene Shafer, MN N22128 275
Mark Halverson (2nd yr) Mason City, IA N3589L 176
Charles Hanna (2nd yr) Luthersville, GA N5648E 667
Wayne Harrah Cedar Rapids, Iowa   75
James Henderson Gulf Shores, AL N8172S 810
Rickey Hestilow Fort Worth, TX   738
Paul Higgins Newark, CA N19570 1,711
Jerry Howard (2nd yr) Muscatine, IA N8322M 52
Billy Hughes Turney, MO N5639E 263
Dennis Jackovich Bettendorf, IA N8038F 23
Ron Kasel Osseo, MN N3545V 276
Matt Kelly New Florence, MO N2712S 212
Joel Kiester (2nd yr) Boulder, CO N7766E 795
Henry Kisor Evanston, IL  N5859E 132
Thomas & Karen Koch Durand, IL N9246U 62
Ken Kovac St. Louis, MO N7742F 221
Bruce Kown Cartersville , GA N7373X  606
Rex Krauklis (2nd yr) Louisville, KY N11381 345
Geoff & Lauren LaGioia Morton Grove, IL N761AE 127
Odell LaMarr (2nd yr) Wolcottville, IN N19345 253
James Lang Hampshire, IL N5567E 90
Trudy Lary Tualatin, OR N67601 1,739
John Leach (2nd yr) Columbia, MO N93488 228
Jon Lindgren Fargo, ND N50728 476
Mark & Paula Loetscher (2nd yr) Buffalo, MO N7823F 327
Keith Luchtel Clive, IA N11781 184
Greg Mayer (2nd yr) Bluffton, IN N6280S 274
Stephen & Tom  Mayotte (2nd yr) N. Chelmsford, MA N714JN 966
John McCracken Esko, MN N3286J 352
Norbert "Lucky" McLuckie Coal City, IL N6237R 108
George Mellen Powell, OH N7045F 458
Karl Mogdans Woodstock, IL N8723S 98
Gerry Nolan (2nd yr) Belton, TX N64831 844
David Odekirk Watertown, WI N6566F 121
Rick Owens Iuka, MS N3038J 498
John Page (2nd yr) Overland Park, KS N16044 310
Royson Parsons & Lori Colunga (2nd yr) Atascadero, CA N9YX 1,695
Dana Patton Albuquerque, NM N704UE 1,000
Hung Pham (2nd yr) Topeka, KS N4938H 347
Robert Pollard Tomah, WI   149
Charles Pollard (2nd yr) Tomah, WI N2608J 149
Robert Postma Elkhart, IN N51133 221
Dennis & Phyllis Raddant (2nd yr) Irving, TX N2802V 722
Thomas Radke Johnstown , OH N22586 411
John Robinson Worthington, OH   396
Steve Robinson Davenport, IA N1106Y 28
Jimmie & Phyllis Sattison (2nd yr) Waterloo, IN N7758F 271
Bernard Savoie Cheserex, Switzerland   4,492
Thomas Smith Audubon, IA N10596 243
Bruce Spencer Mission Viejo, CA N5928J 1,597
Ralph Stephenson Moline, IL   28
C. David Stiff & Tonya Ford Mt. Vernon, IL N24856 253
Duane Swanson (2nd yr) Simi Valley, CA N6598T 1,632
Andres Torres Plano, TX N60623 704
Mark Trimble Hollister, MO N1211Y 394
Wil Venske (2nd yr) Stoughton, WI N501PA 91
Robert Vivian Byron, MI N704VY 329
Robert Wallace Jackson, TN   435
Nicholas Wener Overland Park, KS N46212 310
Kirk Wennerstrom Norwalk, CT N4425U 873
Wayne Westerman Midland, TX N150WW 941
David Wiglesworth Lenexa, KS N6796C 312
Ken Yates Meridian, MS N6932S 658

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