by Dave Odekirk

Does anyone know who the culprit was that had the fake bullet hole stick-ons? And where he/she got them? Preparing for my Sunday morning photo flight, I walked around the front of N6566F and was shocked to see what looked like two bullet holes in the cowling!

Dave's most photogenic plane, minus bullet holes.AAARRRGGGHHH! Was the Red Baron here? Did no one hear the shots? Upon closer inspection, it looked like the paint just popped off of two spots, probably from the heat. Upon touching them, I realized it was just a stick-on. Not a sticker like kids put on everything, but one of those that could be stuck onto a surface and then removed and stuck on elsewhere. It looked so real! Relief flooded over me. But, remember, whoever you are, payback can be a bi-ITCH!

I will start looking through the stores for a fake missile hole stick-on, maybe even complete with missile sticking out the side of the plane. We'll getcha! Aside from that, if you didn't make it to Clinton, you missed a whopping good time. Except for the heat, I can't remember when I had so much fun. I'll be back next year. Thanks to Rex, Lori, Royson, Stephen, Gordon, and numerous others for their services. You can't have such a good time without a lot of preparation. Even the van drivers were having a good time.

Dave Odekirk aka Cheese One

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