Because the weather was so good, the contest flying was exceptional. 42 airplanes flew landing and nerf drop contests, and 20 flew the scavenger hunt. Results were spectacular as well, with some of the highest average scores we’ve seen at Clinton. The winning Nerf drop team actually hit the side of the target this year! 

When all was said and done, it was our own Grand Poobah himself, Ed Pataky, who took home the Clyde for Top Gun. Top Gun contestants are required to fly in all three contests, Pataky placed first in the scavenger hunt and nerf drop and second in the style & grace landing contest. Well Deserved!

Style & Grace Spot Landing:
40 Pilots each made three attempts to touch down  in a 75 long zone known as "Green Acres",  located near the middle of runway 3/21. Green Acres was marked with green painted lines front and back and one green centerline. In order to receive a landing score, any part of the airplane must make the first point of contact with the runway inside Green Acres. Having achieved that somewhat difficult task, landings were then scored on a scale of 1 to 10, by three judges, based on style and grace, like an Olympic ice skating contest. Note that any score on this contest is an worthy achievement, nearly a quarter of the contestants missed all three landings. (If the above math doesn't seem to add up, keep in mind that some pilots flew in the contests more than once, if so, only their last attempt was considered, even if is was worse than an earlier attempt .)

Rankings are by best average score, as follows: Total score of three attempts, divided by 3 (judges), then divided by 3 (landings), rounded to the second decimal place. Pilots that scored zero on all three attempts are omitted. Tie scoring pilots are listed alphabetically by last name.

Place Pilot Landing 1 Landing 2 Landing 3 Average Score
 1st Dan Titus 9.67 8.33 9.67 9.22
2nd Ed Pataky 9.2 8.0 9.63 8.94
3rd Michael Moore 7.67 8.33 8.0 8.0
4th Rex Krauklis 7.33 8.0 7.67 7.67
4th Dale Moorehead 8.33 7.33 7.33 7.67
4th John Ruffo 7.0 8.67 7.33 7.67
5th Ryan Daenzer 2.67 9.33 9.33 7.11
6th Jim Barger 7.0 5.67 7.67 6.78
6th Ron Sherwood 6.0 5.67 7.67 6.78
7th Hung Pham 6.33 6.67 7.0 6.67
8th Felipe Marrou 0 8.0 9.33 5.78
9th Kyle Sundberg 8.67 0 8.33 5.67
9th Jerry Waymire 0 7.33 9.67 5.67
10th Catherine Cavagnaro 8.33 8.0 0 5.44
10th Terry Dickinson 8.0 8.33 0 5.44
10th John Hopper 8.0 8.33 0 5.44
11th Dennis Geivett 0 7.6 8.43 5.34
12th John Vargo 0 8.6 7.27 5.29
13th Bob McKenzie 0 7.33 8.0 5.11
14th Dale Larson 7.33 0 7.33 4.89
15th Wayne Zadrick 0 1.33 8.67 3.33
16th John Cramer 0 0 8.67 2.89
17th Ron Sinclair 0 0 8.3 2.77
18th Dan Newfang 0 8.0 0 2.67
19th Thomas Forbes 0 0 7.67 2.56
19th Tamara Koyn 0 0 7.67 2.56
19th Wallace Pond 7.67 0 0 2.56
20th Steve Miller 0 0 7.33 2.44
20th David Stiff 0 0 7.33 2.44
20th Niles Storey 0 7.33 0 2.44
21st Tom Harvey 6.33 0 0 2.11
22nd Bob Waymire 0 4.67 0 1.56
23rd Loren Larson 0 1.33 3.0 1.44

Nerf Drop:
43 Teams made a total of three passes each over the target, at no lower than 200 AGL, with the goal of dropping a finned nerf football into a 30 gallon trash can. Drops made lower than 200 AGL received a score of zero for that attempt, and any nerf that landed greater than 50 feet from the target also received a score of zero. The winner of this contest was the team with the single closest attempt. Results listed in order from best to worst. Teams that scored zero on all three attempts are omitted.

Place Pilot Package Delivery Specialist Distance from Target
1st Ed Pataky Dave Monskey 1'7"
2nd John Vargo Wayne Reynolds 7'5"
3rd Catherine Cavagnaro Greg Sempsrott 11'6"
4th Dale Moorehead Cynthia Shaffer 13'5"
5th Dale Moorehead Cynthia Shaffer 16'5"
6th Arlin Greger Lexi Armitage 18'3"
7th Ron Sinclair Melana Sinclair 18'4"
8th John Vargo Wayne Reynolds 19'5"
9th John Hopper Don Wallace 19'8"
10th Ron Sinclair Melana Sinclair 19'9"
11th Rex Krauklis Greg Williams 20'4"
12th John Vargo Wayne Reynolds 20'6"
13th Tamara Koyn Gary Koyn 21'1"
14th Dennis Geivett Dale Davis 22'2"
15th Ron Sinclair Melana Sinclair 22'9"
16th Felipe Marrou Sandra Krier 24'1"
17th Tamara Koyn Gary Koyn 24'5"
18th Ron Sinclair Melana Sinclair 24'6"
19th Catherine Cavagnaro Greg Sempsrott 25'8"
20th Bob Waymire Jerry Waymire 29'
21st Arlin Greger Lexi Armitage 30'6"
22nd Dale Larson Joni Larson 30'9"
23rd Catherine Cavagnaro Greg Sempsrott 34'
24th John Ruffo John Ludemann 34'4"
25th Wallace Pond Anna Mae Pond 34'8"
26th Jim Barger Lori Barger 35'6"
27th Dan Titus Mike Harrison 36'2"
28th Bob Waymire Jerry Waymire 37'5"
29th Ed Pataky Dave Monskey 38'7"
30th C David Stiff Tonya Stiff 39'
31st Niles Storey Ryan Daenzer 39'1"
32nd Thomas Forbes Scott Forbes 39'4"
33rd Bob Waymire Jerry Waymire 40'1"
34th Jim Barger Lori Barger 40'4"
35th Ryan Daenzer Niles Storey 40'7"
36th John Cramer Alan Fish 41'1"
37th Hung Pham David Zlotky 41'5"
37th Niles Storey Ryan Daenzer 41'5"
38th John Hopper Don Wallace 41'7"
39th Dennis Geivett Dale Davis 42'1"
40th Ron Sherwood Barbara Critchlow 42'4"
41st Elaine Croft Bob McKenzie? 42'4"
42nd Ryan Daenzer Niles Storey 42'6"
43rd Felipe Marrou Sandra Krier 43'3"
44th Dave Monskey Gena Hutchens 46'8"
45th Jerry Waymire Bob Waymire 46'9"
46th Kyle Sundberg Amber Sundberg 47'6"
47th David Stiff Tonya Stiff 47'9"

Best Combined performances: To qualify, a team must score on more than one attempt. To tabulate the best combined scores for all three drops, the following method was used: Missed drops were given a score of 100, and the combined scores from all three drops were subtracted from 300 By this method, the lower the distance, the higher the score, and 3 misses would result in a score of zero.

Place Team Package Delivery Specialist Combined Score
 1st John Vargo Wayne Reynolds 204.8
2nd Ron Sinclair Melana Sinclair 177.6
 3rd Dale Moorehead Cynthia Shaffer 140
 4th Catherine Cavagnaro Greg Sempsrott 125.2
5th Ed Pataky Dave Monskey 119.2
6th Tamara Koyn Gary Koyn 108.8
 7th Arlin Greger Lexi Armitage 102.2
8th Bob Waymire Jerry Waymire 86.8
9th John Hopper Don Wallace 77
10th Dennis Geivett Dale Davis 71.4

Attendance Hall of Fame

Six Year Club ( perfect attendance )

Jessica Braddockof Freemont, Indiana, flies to Clinton each year with Michael Bratton in Bratton's 1965 C150. Jessica has competed in nearly every flying contest, ranking near the top most of the time. In 2006 Jessica was the contest communications coordinator for FAC Ed Figuli. Braddock has accumulated 3,234 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Michael Brattonof Angola, Indiana has not only attended all of the Clinton fly-ins, he has encouraged and supported Jessica Braddock's participation, allowing her to use his airplane without limitation. Bratton has flown in many of the contests himself over the years, and continues to be a strong supporter and evangelist for the Clinton Fly-In. Naturally, Bratton has also accumulated 3,234 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Gordon Ellisof Cheyenne, Wyoming, (AKA Tinman) has flown his polished 1959 C150 to Clinton every year. Gordon always arrives early, volunteers to help run the fly-in and stays afterwards to help clean up. Gordon has always been a generous contributor to the fly-in, providing many of the banquet door prizes, and even took out an ad promoting the fly-in in Trade A Plane at his own expense! Gordon is a cherished friend to many Clinton regulars, and was voted Club Member of the Year in 2003. Tinman has accumulated 9,072 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Joel  Kiester & Furyof Boulder, Colorado. (aka Oldtimer) Like Tinman, Joel has flown his 1959 150 to Clinton each and every year, with his faithful canine companion Fury. Joel is always a good sport, and often flies in the contests both left and right seat with numerous other Clinton pilots. Joel and Fury have accumulated 9,540 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Rex Krauklisof Louisville, Kentucky is a pilot's pilot, often impressing the rest of us with his quiet competence. Rex is not the sort to trumpet his own accomplishments, but we'll say it here for the record, he's one of the most skilled pilots in the club. Rex has won the "Top Gun" award at Clinton twice, and placed in the top three nearly every year. Krauklis has accumulated 4,140 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Royson Parsons & Lori Colungaof Atascadero, California. These two aren't on this list by choice, as official hosts, they have to be there. In the process of hosting the fly-in Royson has flown to Clinton not just 6 times, but 8 ( twice to prep ), accumulating a whopping total of 23,730 C150 Clinton air miles, and 3,390 C177 Clinton air miles. In addition to all that cross country flying, as club staff, Parsons and Colunga have spent a total of nearly 5 months living out of hotels in Clinton, ( and 300+ meals out! )

Dennis & Phyllis Raddant, formerly of Denton, Texas and now living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The Raddants have either flown or driven to Clinton each and every year, and been crucial to the success of the fly-in by working tirelessly as volunteers every year. When you arrive at Clinton, the Raddants are among the first people you meet, as they welcome and greet arrivals at fly-in registration. Their warm southern hospitality sets the tone for the entire fly-in. The Raddants have accumulated 7,560 round trip Clinton miles.

Wil Venske, of Stoughton, Wisconsin. Wil has never missed a Clinton fly-in, always drawing admiration to his beautiful 1976 150M, and spreading good cheer to friends both old and new. Venske has accumulated 1,092 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

Five Year Club(darn near perfect attendance, most just missed the first year. )

Charles Hannaof Luthersville, Georgia - Charles is our Intrepid Tech Consultant, and drives to Clinton every year to host much appreciated and valued tech seminars. Charles has accumulated 6,672 round trip Clinton  road miles.

Geoff & Lauren LaGioiaof Morton Grove, Illinois - The LaGioia's are among the best known and active club members at Clinton, always participating in club flying events, and only missed the first year. Lauren has become somewhat infamous for having won the grand prize at the banquet several times, and has the distinction of being the youngest Cessna 150-152 club lifetime member. The LaGioia's have accumulated 1,270 C152 round trip Clinton air miles. Geoff tells us that Lauren does most of the cross country flying.

Norbert "Lucky" McLuckieof Coal City, Illinois, Lucky is as faithful as the postman, amazing all to come through sleet, hail, or rain to Clinton. In 2006 Lucky  brought his new bride Shirley along for the adventure. Lucky has accumulated 1,080 C150 Clinton air miles.

Hung Phamof Topeka, KS - Hung has only missed one Clinton fly-in, in spite of a demanding work & family schedule that usually only allows him to attend during the weekend. Hung has taken hundreds of memorable Clinton photographs,  3,470.

Charles Pollard, of Tomah, Wisconsin. Chuck is a faithful participant, usually accompanied by his son Charles Jr. & Friend Dave Rezin. Pollard & Rezin always volunteer as Contest judges. Pollard's long background in aviation has served him and the club well at Clinton, and his sense of humor is treasured by his many Clinton friends. Pollard has accumulated 1,788 round trip C150 Clinton air miles.

David & Tonya Stiffof Mt. Vernon, Illinois, David and the former Ms. Ford only missed the first year. They've accumulated 2,530 C152 Clinton air miles.

Kirk Wennerstromof Norwalk, It's a long way from Connecticut, Kirk has been there every year since 2002, and usually manages to skydive out of a C150 for good measure. Wennerstrom has accumulated  8,730 straight tail C150 Clinton air miles.

Wayne Westermanof Midland, TX. Wayne is one of the Clinton Fly-in's most ardent supporters, and holds a fly-in in Texas every spring just to drum up enthusiasm for going to Clinton.  It seems to work out pretty well, more pilots come to Clinton from Texas than any other state except Illinois, and of course, Texas is a lot further away. Wayne has accumulate 9,578 C150 Clinton air miles.

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