2005 Fly-In Interesting Facts

  • Total Attendees: 148 (62 first timers)
  • Total Airplanes: 91
  • Longest Distance Flown: Dan Meler, Phoenix, OR 1,706 miles.
  • Average Distance Flown to Clinton: 504 miles
  • Total Round Trip Miles Traveled: 10,892 

Cessna 150-152 Pilot newsletter for July 2005

What I did on my Summer Vacation, stories from Clinton 2005

Robbie Culver

Ed Figuli

Jeff Hersom

Bryan Oetting

Top Gun: Gary Shreve

Target Drop
1st: 9’ 2” - Pilot Dan Winnie, PDS Ken Yates.
2nd: 12’ 6” - Pilot Ed Pataky, PDS Dale Moorehead.
3rd: 12’ 8” - Pilot Rick Third, PDS Ben Third.

Spot Landing
1st: Gary Shreve 7.8 point average
2nd: Joel Kiester 7.1 point average
3rd : Dan Winnie 5.8 point average

Aerial Scavenger Hunt
1st: Jeff Hersom & Gary Shreve
2nd: Joel Kiester & Lexie Armitage
3rd : Kirk Wennerstrom & Will Dirickson

Egg Drop
8 Eggs Dropped, 2 Survivors. Tie Score.

Egg Drop Soup - Tonya Ford, David Stiff, Nick Wener, Ed Figuli & Harry Wiebe (completely amazing, egg was found intact with only a single balloon cushion, which popped, leaving the impression than no protection was used at all.)

The Incognito Team Ed Pataky, Joel Kiester, Lexie Armitage, Greg Hopp, Wally & Addison Pond. (This team killed two eggs during the packaging process, but ultimately prevailed with confetti packing and a Ziploc bag parachute.)

The contest flying this year followed our usual formula with a few slight modifications. As in recent years, the main test of flying skill was landing between two painted red lines 75 feet apart on the runway.

A valid landing was counted when any part of the airplane touched down inside the lines. A few gasps and groans were evident when the tie down ring appeared to be the first part of the airplane to touch down, but most pilots managed to touch down tires first.

What made the landing contest particularly challenging was it’s location on the runway, approximately at midpoint between the landing thresholds. Most pilots are not accustomed to touching down at the 2,500 foot mark on a 5,200 foot long runway, and this made for some entertaining approach profiles. Early on it was common for pilots to make a standard approach to the threshold, and then attempt to “hold off” touchdown for 2,000+ feet by putting in some power.

A successful touch down inside “the Zone” qualified that pilot for a style and grace landing score. Six judges rated each qualified landing on a scale of 1 to 10 like Olympic ice skating competition. Pilots made three landing attempts for each contest flight, most soon learned that the secret was to make a steep approach to midfield, and flare hard right onto the zone. This turned out to be easier to say than to do, because the red zone lines were essentially invisible from the cockpit. By the second contest four orange safety cones were placed at the corners of the zone to make it easier to spot, but these too were surprisingly difficult to see on final.

In the long run, the only sure way to find the zone was to spot the judges next to the runway. In spite of visual difficulties, a surprising majority of pilots were able to perform qualified landings after an attempt or two.

The second contest we like to call a “Target” or “Package Delivery” contest. We don’t use that four letter word that starts with a “B” to describe things we drop from the airplane for obvious reasons.

The “Packages” this year were soft, brightly colored nerf footballs with foam fins. (In previous years empty plastic water bottles with cardboard fins were used.) As it turned out the NDU’s (nerf delivery units) were both heavier and softer than the previous ordinance, and target accuracy improved as a result. In addition, the NDU’s proved to be quite durable. The target was a 35 gallon trash can in the center of a 50 foot white plywood plus sign. The rules were quite simple, minimum altitude for the drop 100 feet AGL. It wasn’t always clear what altitude the drop airplanes were flying, but it was pretty obvious to all when they flew the target run below 100 feet AGL, those who delivered too low received a scratch for that attempt.

Each crew consisted of a Pilot and “Package Delivery Specialist”. Like the landing contests, each crew got three attempts at the target. Though accuracy was greatly improved this year, the safest place to sit remained target center.

Like the spot landing contest, the most difficult factor in the NDU drop was spotting. The target itself was easy to see, but once the NDU was released it was nearly impossible for the crew to figure out where it went, and whether or not their aim was any good. This year we tried helping the crews by providing two flagmen on the ground. The flagmen judged the relative winds, and positioned themselves at a correction point as stand-in targets. In reality we soon learned that the NDU’s were hardly effected by wind, and the flagmen’s role became one of marking pilot judgment corrections. For example, if pilots were consistently releasing short of the target, the flags were moved long. The advice to crews, “aim for the flags”. Whether or not the flags were useful to crews, they unintentionally ended up adding a degree of patriotic inspiration as they unfurled in the wind.

The NDU’s were surprisingly accurate, most fell within 200 feet of the target. As it turned out busting altitude was not an effective strategy. At 60-80 mph and 100 feet AGL the target zone passed underneath pretty quick. Since the NDU’s dropped almost straight down, a few crews realized that flying higher made the release window less dependent on reaction time. In all we flew 3 squadrons and 16 crews on Friday. The top scoring crew flew their most successful run at 200 feet AGL and scored just 9 feet 2 inches from the target. Five crews managed to place their NDU’s closer than 15 feet.

Top Gun
When combined, best overall performance was achieved by Gary Shreve, who won two of the three contests he entered and thus was named Clinton 2005 Top Gun. Joel Kiester and Dan Winnie also each received trophies for their excellent combined scores in more than one category.

Honorable Mention
Newcomer Wally Pond, participated in every contest, with above average scores in all. Though he did not place in the top three in any of the contests, Wally deserves recognition for his Chutzpah, as the ink on his PPL had less than a month to dry before flying to Clinton 2005.

2005 Clinton Fly

Clinton International Fly-In 2005 • Attendees

2005 Fly-In ]
Name Hometown Aircraft Reg# GPS Distance  
John Alexander (2nd yr) Ann Arbor, MI N6589G 336
Jonathan & Elizabeth Amundsen Winterhaven, FL N4655X 1066
Michael Bauer Greenwood, IN N3366J 272
Jessica Braddock (5th yr) Fremont, IN N3577J 274
Michael Bratton (5th yr) Angola, IN N3577J 271
Robert Breen Bloomington, IL N95904 115
Michael Cahill (2nd yr) Baldwinsville, NY N6684G 715
Richard Christ (2nd yr) Cotter, AR N50996 403
Paul Comer Mountain Home, AR N7559U 397
Alan Core (2nd yr) Indianola, IA N6029T 176
Robert Cressman Cross Lanes, WV N4629X 506
Alfredo (Eddie) Cristobal Cerritos, CA N1515Q 1,610
Guy, Tammy & James Crockett Louisville, KY N6005G 345
Robbie, Brenda & Joshua Culver Waukegan, IL N7137F 127
Matthew, Judy & Elizabeth Cummings (4th yr) Moberly, MO N10667 203
Mike & Cindy Daniels Elmwood, IL N2974U 75
Will Dirickson Charlottesville, VA N9156U 676
Gordon Ellis (5th yr) Cheyenne, WY N271D 756
Ed Figuli (3rd yr) Schnecksville, PA N5353Q 764
Alan Fish Gilbert, AZ N22009 1,314
Nick Forsman Canton, MI N67911 349
Dennis Geivett Chesterfield, MO N22589 221
Raymond Granzow & Gerald Schiera (2nd yr) Huntley, IL N80146 96
Charles Hanna (4th yr) Luthersville, GA N5648E 667
David Hastings Henry, IL N10885 68
Michael & Alexis Hazard Bad Axe, MI N5454Q 392
Jeff Hersom Tampa, FL N3740J 1,052
Wes Higginson (2nd yr) Russellville, AR N150AS 480
Greg Hopp (2nd yr) Columbus, OH N4691X 400
George & Lora Horak Olin, IA drive-in 48
David James Wayne, MI N67911 353
Allan Jespersen Sandy, UT 1,127
Ralph Johnson (3rd yr) Roanoke Rapids, NC N17257 770
Matt Kelly & Howard Wehrman (4th yr) Montgomery City, MO N2712S 209
Joel & Fury Kiester & Lexi Armitage (5th yr) Boulder, CO N7766E 795
Tom Kozel Pottstown, PA N3771J 769
Rex Krauklis (5th yr) Louisville, KY N11381 345
Geoff & Lauren LaGioia (4th yr) Morton Grove, IL N761AE 127
Dale & Joni Larsen Roosevelt, UT N6695S 1,036
David Larsen Alcester, SD N9316U 337
Loren Larson & Dale Davis Omro, WI N5249Q 169
Jon Lindgren (3rd yr) Fargo, ND N50728 476
Geo Linkis & Ed Langeland Midlothian, IL 131
David & Sylvia Linton (3rd yr) Elkhorn, WI N8318J 104
Gene & Matt Machael  Wheaton, IL 110
Robert Mackin Bettendorf, IA 23
Ed Maffei  New Ringgold, PA NC9451K  745
Felipe Marrou Miami Beach, FL N2916S 1246
Bob Martilla Vancouver, WA N1449Q 1,632
Steve & Linda McGuirk & Jess Eck Bemidji, MN 451
John McIntyre Elmwood, IL 75
Lucky McLuckie (4th yr) Coal City, IL N6237R 108
Dan Meler Phoenix, OR N150DM 1,706
Rick Meyer New Liberty, IA 34
Paul Milton Temple, TX 840
Dave Monskey Minnetonka, MN N6580G 268
Charles Moore (2nd yr) Jackson, MI N22980 301
Michael Moore (2nd yr) Brooklyn, MI N22980 309
Dale Moorehead (3rd yr) Sanger, TX N63082 698
Matthew Mulbrook Marion, IA   71
Stephen & Kathy Myers Christiansburg, VA N50824 617
Richard Nelles Remer, MN N60962 403
Kevin Norby Westborough, MA N4243U 956
David Norris & Sandra Adams Anderson, SC N10747 652
Bryan & Leah Oetting (3rd yr) Decatur, IN N10106 285
Royson & Erin Parsons & Lori Colunga (5th yr) Atascadero, CA N9YX 1,695
Ed Pataky Houston, TX N714RV 881
Dana Patton (3rd yr) Albuquerque, NM N704UE 1,000
Clair Pecinovsky Cresco, IA N22192 143
Hung Pham (4th yr) Topeka, KS N4938H 347
Tony  Piotrowski   Slatington, PA N736XZ 764
Wally & Addison Pond Algonquin, IL N19306 102
Doug & Carol Prange Lincoln, NE N11944 343
Mark  Priglmeier   Sauk Rapids, MN N8911S 325
Dennis & Phyllis Raddant (5th yr) Broken Arrow, OK 500
Kent , Nicole & Adam Raymond (2nd yr) Cottage Grove, MN 246
Brian Reed Kilgore, TX N38WT 700
Steve Salvo Ames, IA N49541 175
Milt & Dee Schatz Eldridge, IA 23
Dennis Shell Webster, MN N63249 243
Gary Shreve (2nd yr) Mansfield, TX N47962 743
Ken & Jill Shuck (2nd yr) Prescott, AZ N60146 1,304
Ron & Melana Sinclair Fort Worth, TX N1247Y 738
David Sproul Bethesda, MD 718
David Stiff & Tonya Ford (4th yr) Mt. Vernon, IL N24856 253
Joel Strait (2nd yr) Port Saint Joe, FL N6240S 874
Larry Teeters Shreveport, LA N8239F 675
Larry Temple Wamego, KS 368
Rick & Ben Third Alexandria, MN N45716 379
Roger Thomas & Bill Windes (3rd yr) Olathe, KS N22900 316
Jim Threlkeld & Randy Vaughn (3rd yr) Warren, AR N6254S 577
Dan Titus Batavia, OH N24296 372
David & Linda Tuck (2nd yr) Houghton Lake, MI N8432M 325
Wil Venske (5th yr) Stoughton, WI N501PA 91
Bruce Voigts (2nd yr) Clarion, IA N18582 190
Bob Waymire Alexander, AR N4060J  512
Nick Wener (4th yr) Lee's Summit, MO N46212 298
Kirk Wennerstrom (4th yr) Norwalk, CT N4425U 873
Wayne Westerman (4th yr) Midland, TX N150WW 941
Gary White Chesterfield, MO N4968P 221
Harry Wiebe (2nd yr) Winnipeg, Manitoba C-GPSU 648
Gerry & LaVonne Wierenga (2nd yr) Niles, MI N8460J 206
David Wiglesworth (2nd yr) Lenexa, KS N6796S 312
Bill Wilson Stanley, NC   666
Dan Winnie Mary Esther, FL N3813J 813
Ken Yates (3rd yr) Meridian, MS   658
John & Judah Yockey Altoona, WI N714FW 213
Mark Zimmer Rice Lake, WI 263

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