by Gary Shreve

Well, let me tell you, it isn't because the town smells good. And it isn't because we can't get corn here in Texas.

Gary & Nikki make a Contest "Package Delivery"Nikki and I flew our little plane with plenty of flaws of it's own 650 nautical miles one way because we wanted to participate in the event. Just showing up, visiting with everybody, making new acquaintances while visiting with old friends and getting to see everyone else's enthusiasm for the little mainstay of the GA market was worth the trip.

We love to fly and even if it's a longer trip than 3 times around the pattern we're up for it. We had a good time, but thought the awards banquet drug on a little long. But that's not a bad thing, just an observation.

Why will we return next year?

To experience much of the same (not smell or corn).  If we don't bomb stuff with an empty water bottle, that's fine. If we can't have a landing contest, that's fine. We all have to land to visit, so let's do touch and go's 3 or 5 a piece. Judge them. Inverted limbo or cut the ribbon...yeah- right. Let's have some more aerobatic instruction in an aerobat at whatever the plane and instructor rent for. I'd pay for my hour and a half. Heat and all, I'd only fill up half of a barf bag. LOL

Find us a good deal on rental cars. The vans are fun, but for two or three days, I'd spring for the car. Might even see more of Clinton America other than the airport and the hotel, and the Wal-Mart!

 Find a good ole hick-a-billy local band to play for us for a couple of hours in the corporate hangar during and after the ice cream social. You might be surprised at who all dances. Good music is hard to beat. Ain't but two types, right...Country and Western!

More time at the airport to socialize and fly. We all love to fly. I wanted to get aerial pictures this time, but I guess I didn't make it to the right place at the right time. Any word on the pictures from the Cardinal?

All doesn't have to revolve around what will you do for us. A lot can be how can we entertain ourselves, or how can we pitch in to lighten the load. We need to know that, too. If nothing changes this year to next, We'll have a blast, again! If you want to make changes, we'll still be there. If you follow Wayne's idea and get dancing girls, we'll be there as long as we don't have to be the ones dancing on the table.

Food for thought.
Chew slowly Take care,
Gary Shreve
N47962 Arlington, TX

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