2003 Fly-In Interesting Facts

  • Total Attendees: 65 (22 first timers)
  • Total Airplanes: 44
  • Longest Distance Flown: Royson & Lori, Atascadero, CA  1,695 miles.
  • Average Distance Flown to Clinton: 425 miles
  • Total Round Trip Miles Traveled: 42,568

Cessna 150-152 Pilot Magazine for July 2003

What I did on my Summer Vacation, stories from Clinton 2003

Royson Parsons

Gary Shreve

Nick Wener

Top Gun: Rex Krauklis

Short Take Off:
1st place: Rex & Bryan Krauklis ( 750 ft.)

2nd place: Mark & Paula Loetscher ( 800 ft.)
3rd place: Brian & Cathy Gochnauer ( 900 ft.)

Bottle Drop:
1st place:  Brian Oetting and Shay Pontsler - 10 ft 8 in from bulls eye.
2nd place: Dennis Raddant & Dale Moorehead - 19 ft 3 in from bulls eye.
3rd place:  Rex & Bryan Krauklis  - 22 ft 6 in from bulls eye.

Landing Style and Grace:
1st place: Toshi Adair ( 3 good landings,  7.54 average score )

2nd place: Geoff & Lauren LaGioia ( 2 good landings, 7.87 average score )

There were three contests in 2003. We began with a short take off contest. Each pilot guessed how much runway he or she would need to get airborne. Pilots only received credit if able to get airborne and stay there in the target distance.  The pilot who guessed the shortest distance and was able to achieve it won. The maximum allowed distance was 900 feet, which could be reduced by the confident in 50 foot increments. What made the short takeoff especially challenging was that each pilot had to have a package delivery specialist on board, as that contest was performed during the same sequence. The result was truly exciting to watch with an aircraft carrier flight deck atmosphere.

Eleven teams participated in the takeoff contest. Only three airplanes managed to get airborne in their designated distance. Two airplanes tried too hard, dragging their tailrings on the runway trying to get off the ground. The resulting screeeetch of metal on tarmac resulted in plenty of furrowed brows and itchy kneecaps.

The results: Rex and Bryan Krauklis handily won, getting airborne (and more importantly, staying there!) in less than 750 feet.  The POH minimum is just 900 feet. Rex’s accomplishment was obtained purely by pilot finesse, N11381 has the stock 100 HP engine, with no STOL kit or other aftermarket enhancements, and most impressive of all, with a mild tailwind!

Mark and Paula Loetscher came in a close second at 800 feet, with brownie points for using a stock rental airplane. Mark sold his 150 last year, but not before getting some short field experience from his own short turf strip in Missouri. Third place went to Brian and Cathy Gochnauer in their stock 150M using  900 feet.  No small achievement, when you consider that none of the other eight contestants could match it, even though two of them scraped tail trying.The second contest was a bottle drop. Contestants glued cardboard  tail fins to empty 8 or 16 once water bottles. The object was to drop these lightweight “packages” on a target next to the runway marked with big X. In practice, hitting the targets is pretty much a game of chance.  Last year there were three targets and three package types which resulted in confusion and hilarity for the observers. 

To improve the odds this year, we reduced the complexity by having just one target X and tripling it’s size from 16 to 49 square feet. Each pilot / package delivery specialist team got three runs at the target.  The results were surprisingly good. Of the total 33 package drops, 6 packages were close, with 3 inside  the target area. 

Airboss Mayotte suggested during the briefing that a good technique on the first pass would be to fly the centerline of the runway and gauge the effect of the crosswind based on the results. Most pilots were quite accurate in flying the runway centerline, but as it turned out, the winds had a minimal effect on package trajectory. Most packages from the first pass fell right onto the runway, some of them pretty close to the centerline.

After that first pass, techniques varied widely. Assistant Airboss Tom Mayotte was kept busy chasing packages all over tarnation in his golf cart. Three of the packages were deemed unrecoverable when they dropped into the adjacent bean field. Its obvious that being able to spot the bottles during the drop is crucial to making corrections on the next pass. Future contestants may benefit from some form of increasing package visibility. 

Brian Oetting and Shay Pontsler in N1016 made the most accurate delivery, with a package that landed just 10 feet 8 inches from target center. Second place went to Dale Morehead and Dennis Raddant in N2802, at 19 foot 3 inches.  Takeoff contest winners Rex and Bryan Krauklis  placed a near third at 22 feet 6 inches.

After  the target delivery competition each airplane got a trial run at the landing contest to be held after lunch. The landing target was a space just 75 feet in length. Since most pilots are accustomed to landing on the threshold, we positioned the landing target zone 825 feet from the numbers. We set up a viewing tent right next to the runway, so all could observe the action. To keep things interesting we ordered a brisk quartering tailwind. Wow! The results were fun to watch though it spooked some of the co-pilots pretty good. Lot’s of ooohhh’s from the observing area too.

In spite of the challenging conditions, there were several excellent practice target landings, so we were surprised that only five pilots chose to tackle the official contest after lunch. To be fair, the quartering tail wind had picked up considerably.  Judging the landings was especially stringent. 15 judges each evaluated the landings for style and grace on a scale of 1-10. Pilots that missed the target zone received a zero for that attempt. The total score for all three landings was combined and averaged for the final score. Using this system, a perfect score would be 30 points, or 3 landings at a perfect 10 score each.

Landing Contest Pilots:

N10072 Toshi Adair,  N3577J Jessica Braddock,  N761AE Geoff LaGioia, N23064 Mark Loetscher, N47962 Gary Shreve.

Flying the afternoon contest landings can only be described as “Hairy”. The five pilots participating earned our praise for tackling a tough job under challenging conditions. The target was small, and the quartering tailwind brisk!

In spite of the challenging conditions, all of the landings were quite good, some were outstanding. The most difficult task was getting the airplane to touch down inside the target area. Several of the approaches looked good right up till the very last second, but then the airplane would float over the target area without touching down. Judges and spectators regularly held their collective breath, expecting a scoring run, only to see the contestant scratch by mere feet or inches. Loud Awwwww’s were frequent from the viewing area.

In the end two contestants prevailed, with a “to the wire” horse race nail biter photo finish. Despite gallant efforts, all three of the other pilots missed the target area on all three attempts.

Both  Toshi and Geoff nailed each of their first two landings with near perfect scores. It was obvious that landing #3 was the tie breaker. On the third landing Toshi made it 3 for 3. The judges were on pins and needles as Geoff made his competing approach for the gold. 

If Geoff made it inside the target area, we’d have to select the winner by average score, a la Olympic Figure Skating …. Here he comes….he’s gonna make it...come on Geoff!  Awwwww! Missed it by Inches!

Toshi Adair was the clear winner, having made all three landings in the target area and achieving average scores of 7.8, 7.8, and 6.8. It was a superb display of piloting skill, you had to be there to see it! 

Clinton 2001 Fly-In Attendees

Clinton International Fly-In 2003 • Attendees

2003 Main ]
Name Hometown Aircraft Reg# GPS Distance  
Toshi Adair Brownstown Twp, MI N10072 359
Robert Anderson Cambridge, IL   37
Ray Blasdell Litchfield Park, AZ N1911S 1,337
Bill & Paul Boggs (2nd yr) Racine, WI N66238 139
Jessica Braddock (3rd yr) Hudson, IN  N3577J  267
Michael Bratton (3rd yr) Angola, IN N3577J 271
Tom Diamantes West Chester, OH N8313J 477
Gordon Ellis (3rd yr) Cheyenne, WY N271D 756
Dave Stiff & Tonya Ford (2nd yr) Mt. Vernon, IL N24856 253
Brian & Cathy Gochnauer (2nd yr) Grimes, IA N6235K 184
John Golovich Brownstown Twp, MI N10072 359
Jerry Howard (3rd yr) Muscatine, IA N8322M 52
Billy & Roberta Hughes Turney, MO   263
Glenn Ingram Beaver Dam, WI N6114G 133
Dennis & Teresa Jackovich (2nd yr) Bettendorf, IA N8038F 23
Matt Kelly (2nd yr) New Florence, MO N2712S 212
Joel & Fury Kiester (3rd yr) Boulder, CO N7766E 795
Rex & Bryan Krauklis (3rd yr) Louisville, KY N11381 345
Robert Laconto Sycamore, IL   80
Geoff  & Lauren LaGioia (2nd yr) Morton Grove, IL N761AE 127
Odell LaMarr (3rd yr) Wolcottville, IN N19345 253
John Lambert Britt, MN N5999t 416
Jim Lang (2nd yr) Hampshire, IL   90
Dick Little & Dan Langan Laramie, WY N78832 795
Mark & Paula Loetscher (3rd yr) Buffalo, MO N23064 327
Stephen & Tom Mayotte (3rd yr) N. Chelmsford, MA N29HL 966
Michael McArdle South Sioux City, NE N3675J 320
Stephen McDaniel McPherson, KS N714GC 460
Lucky McLuckie (2nd yr) Coal City, IL N6237R 108
Dale Moorehead Sanger, TX N2802V 698
David Odekirk (2nd yr) Watertown, WI N6566F 121
Bryan Oetting Decatur, IN N10106 285
Royson Parsons & Lori Colunga (3rd yr) Atascadero, CA N3397T 1,695
Dana Patton (2nd yr) Albuquerque, NM N704UE 1,000
Leonard Pilka Shelby Twp, MI N45361 359
Charles Pollard (3rd yr) Tomah, WI N2608J 149
Robert Postma (2nd yr) Elkhart, IN N51133 221
Mark Powell McPherson, KS N67750 460
Dennis & Phyllis Raddant (3rd yr) Irving, TX N2802V 722
Dave Rezin Tomah, WI N205C 149
John Robinson (2nd yr) Worthington, OH   396
Gary & Nikki Shreve Mansfield, TX N47962 743
Roger Thomas Olathe, KS N22900 316
Jim Threlkeld Warren, AR N6254S 577
Dave & Linda Tuck Houghton Lake, MI N8432M 325
Randy Vaughan Sharpsburg, GA   661
Wil Venske (3rd yr) Stoughton, WI N501PA 91
Nick Wener (2nd yr) Lee's Summit, MO N46212 298
Kirk Wennerstrom (2nd yr) Norwalk, CT N4425U 873
Wayne Westerman (2nd yr) Midland, TX N150WW 941

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